Joanne Markowicz-Bilarczyk

ProfessionAL ARTIST


LOCATION  West Berlin, NJ 08091


The joy to create works of art began at an early age when I discovered crayons and explored their many uses. I was that kid who drew on everything and who even melted them on a radiator. The thrill I got from drawing, melting, blending and experimenting with crayons sparked a lifetime to make art.

My love to paint was solidified when I studied art with Mr. Koo Stroo, a Dutch artist, my teacher and mentor, at the American International High School of The Hague. He taught me a deeper appreciation for the arts and encouraged me to pursue fine art in college. 

For me, painting is about visual intimacy, exploration and experimentation. I paint from both direct observation, my imagination and occasionally from my own photographic references. I try to emphasize elements in my work to increase the drama and direct the viewer. My choices of mediums are oil paints, acrylic paints and both soft and oil pastels.  I am inspired from found objects, interesting characters and the environment. Creating is my life long passion, my lifeline, my serenity and my means to meditate. 

Reproduction of any of my work is strictly prohibited without written consent.


About Me


Acrylic on 300 lb water color paper 12”x16”